Best Small Business Loan of September 2020

  • 2 Different loan products: SBA Working Capital loan and SBA Commercial Real Estate loan
  • Loan amounts from $30,000 to $5,000,000
  • Ranging Terms from 10-year to 25-years
  • Annual percentage rates changing between 4.75% – 7.00% based on the product

Features & Benefits

With low interest rates and fixed monthly rates, Smartbiz business loans could become a great option to finance your small business.

Easy online application

You will need business and its owner’s informations, to apply online. Even the application process is easier and quicker than the application of a bank. While processing the application, details like credit experience and payment history, cash flow and existing credit obligations will be considered.

Your credit score

Smartbiz is a great option for borrowers with good to excellent credit. If you need more than $30,000 cash within several weeks or if you need to refinance your dept/a real estate purchase, you can apply without loss of time. A credit score of 650 or higher will be enough.

Enjoy the best rates

Interest rates range between 4.75% and 7.00% and annual percentage rates range from 4.75% to 7.00%. Smartbiz business loan rates are based on the loan’s term length, your credit history, and the type of loan borrowed.

Choose your business loan

Choose business loan for what you need: Smartbiz provides manageable financing for growth and other needs. By having a business loan from SmartBiz, you can grow your business, and provide low-cost financing for buying commercial real estate.

Get started in a few minutes

Now apply for a Smartbiz loan, All you need to do is click the button and provide your details for checking your rates.

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