Needs to know before applying for a business loan

Traditional business loans are more difficult to access and more complicating to apply, compared to small business loans. And also, small business loan rates, repayment options and terms are more acceptable. Finding the right loan for small business loans startup is no longer a problem.

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business loan is a loan that is in particular intended for business purposes. Borrower agrees to repay with interest. Business loans types are SBA (Small Business Administration), bank loans, asset-based financing, micro loans, business cash advances, cash flow loans and invoice financing.

Even if some variables in consumer market can make customer behavior easier to guess, unknown marketing analytics can change business profits and cash flow. In that case, business loans include some risks for lenders because of market volatility like that. Therefore, lenders request documents that require a lot of detailed financial information from business accounts to secure itself, and you may probably apply to more than one lender to find the right loan intended for your business purposes. While evaluating loans, you should specially consider business loan interest rates, terms and other details with the lender.

Traditional business loans are more difficult to access and more complicating to apply, compared to small business loans. And also, small business loan rates, repayment options and terms are more acceptable. Finding the right loan for small business loans startup is no longer a problem.

Types of Business Loan


SBA is a loan type that is from $5,000 to $5 million supported by both Small Business Administration in USA, and online lenders and commercial banks. They provide advantage for especially purchasing major assets such as large equipment or real estate. Although the application process is time-consuming and takes long, SBA loans have low APR rates and long repayment terms.

Bank Loans

Bank loan is a type of business loan that borrowed money with either secured or unsecured from a bank as lender.

Online Lenders

Online lenders are alternative nonbank lenders that lend for especially small business.

Invoice Financing

Invoice financing can also be called invoice factoring. With this loan method, the company uses the invoices as collateral to get a cash advance and borrows against its outstanding invoices, relying on the ability to make money when new invoices are created.

Business Cash Advances

Business cash advances are unsecured borrowing in return your credit card transactions that you can use to finance your business.

Micro loans

Micro loans are small amount loans offered by nonprofit organizations and lenders rather than banks. Micro loans are thinkable as small business loans startup.

Asset-based Finance

Asset-based finance is a method that a business may borrow against several different types of asset, including equipment, premises, stock or receivables as collateral. It is a popular choice for small businesses.

Cash Flow Loans

Cash flow loans are unsecured loans that is used for work routines of business that used to finance payments like payroll, inventory, rent and so on.

Particularly, we would like to mention one more topic. For instance; you know you don’t qualify to borrow from a bank. And also you need cash for having a small business or for your expenses of the business you already own. In this case, we can recommend you to glance paypal business loan products. Paypal business loans have fixed rates with changing repayment terms between13 and 52-weeks. PayPal business loan amounts range from $5,000 to $500,000 based on your business creditworthiness. We advice to evaluate this option especially for entrepreneurs and veterans.

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is a Sr. Research Analyst at Financhaser, focusing on Loans. She has PhD on Business Management.

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